Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Fight for Womens Rights After the Vote was Gained Essay example --

The Fight for Women's Rights After the Vote was Gained By 1925, both feminist socialists and equal rights feminists believed they had won their battles for women's rights because they had gained the vote. Considering developments in the 20th century, how justified were those beliefs? Winning the vote for women was only the beginning, so those who thought that was the end of the fight had a big surprise coming. The vote was to be for women an instrument to achieve equality. In order for this to happen women had to stick together and only voted for candidates that would work on some of their demands. Even though, it was legal for women to vote, it was still not socially acceptable, so most women who did where considered social outcasts. Due to this accurate position, a great deal of women chose not to vote, and most of those who did vote, did so the same way their husbands or fathers did. Because of that, women as a group where nothing to fear, since they would not cause a shift in the polls, so political candidates ignored women's demands. This fact proved that the fight...

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